Leisure Center’s website (leisurecenter.org.uk) has been acquired by TheBestCarts.com

Press Release: 26 April, 2020 | New York

Thebestcarts.com has acquired Leisure Centre’s website leisurecentre.org.uk. The press have been informed on this new development, wherein, leisurecenter.org.uk will be closed and the entire online presence of the website will be controlled by TheBestCarts.com.

Leisure Centre is identified as a magazine space for creators and artists from across the world. It is a collection of different ideas and works of art from different geographical locations. The website’s content has been influenced by ‘Saturday Publication, ‘ which was rampant in the 1950s. With differnt games and themes, the site allows contributors to provide haikus, art, paintings, crafts, stories, and much more, working as a platform for creativity.  

“Art is all around us. You can’t control it, but you can bring people closer to it. By acquiring Leisure Center, we are expanding our reader database moving a little bit out of our comfort zone.” explains a spokesperson for TBC. “We want to add more elements into ‘lifestyle,’ and creativity is a vital part of this. By having a website dedicated to people expressing themselves, we are moving more ideas and thoughts across the world.”, he added. 

Through this acquisition, TheBestCarts.com will be taking will be moving leisurecentre.org.uk under its banner and creating a bigger, better platform for the artists that contribute. The artist magazine will have greater exposure online, and Leisure Center’s professional can concentrate on the content rather than widening its audience. This is a massive benefit to both, Leisure Center in terms of online presense, and TheBestCarts.com in terms of audience reach. 

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Also, Form this acquisition, both parties will be growing side by side, with TheBestCarts.com leading the way to a better tomorrow. The ideas for expansion have already been set and will be made public soon, said a spokesperson for Thebestcarts.com