Wilderness Systems Kayak Cart (Heavy Duty)

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Paddling magazine’s 2018 winner in the “best transport/storage/launching’ Category
Engineered to transport the heaviest kayaks – up to 450 pounds
Easy to load and unload the kayak – no kickstand or scupper posts required

Wilderness Systems Kayak Cart (Heavy Duty)

Transporting a heavy kayak becomes easy with the Wilderness Systems Kayak Cart. The heavy-duty cart has a unique bunker bar frame, which allows you to keep your kayak steady and prevents it from twisting or slipping sideways. 

Is it easy to use?

Yes! Firstly, there are two height options.

  • High – for odd-shaped hulls that would rub on the wheels of the cart (18 inches high)
  • Low – to bring the center of gravity lower and prevent the kayak from tipping over. (16 inches low)

Secondly, you can comfortably load or unload the kayak, and no kickstand or scupper post is needed. 

Lastly, the cart collapses easily when you need to store it in kayak dry wells or storage areas. 

The Engineering Brilliance :

The Premium Cart was Paddle magazine’s 2018 winner in the category of ‘Best Transport/Storage/Launching’ Category. The engineering marvel can transport the heaviest kayaks weighing up to 450 pounds. 

Body Material: The frame of the cart is made of a marine-grade, high strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy. Because it is light, you can store it on deck using bungee rigging. 

The Wheels: It comes with flat-free wheels, which measures 12” diameter, 3.5” wide. The term ‘flat-free’ is used because the air-less wheels never go flat and are very smooth over rough terrains. 

You can also fit large balloon style beach wheels onto the frame, but you will have to buy them separately. Once you collapse the cart, you can store the wheels in large kayak hatches. 

Convenience: Once you get home, or reach your boat, you can easily break down the Wilderness Systems Kayak Cart and place it in storage. 

You can adjust the width of the holder, which is responsible for keeping your kayak in place. 

It’s easy to handle and gets your kayak across rock or sand, comfortably. Additionally, it is one of the most economically priced carts. You’re not only paying for transport; you are paying for convenience, and trust that the Wilderness Systems Kayak Cart will get your kayak across in one piece. 

About Kayak Carts:

Kayak carts are a boon to paddle boat and kayak owners. They are sturdy, durable frames with large wheels, and are used to transport a kayak or paddle boat from land to a water body. Much like the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart, they hold the kayak up on one end, while you pull the kayak from the other. They are very convenient, and some of the higher-end carts roll smoothly over any terrain. 

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

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