The Reels on Wheel Snr Fishing Cart Select Options: No Liner

Made of marine grade aluminum
200 lb loading capacity
8 rod holders


Reels on wheels fishing cart

This cart is a Fisherman’s Dream – Perfect For the pier or bridge, The Reels on Wheels Fishing Cart Sr was designed and manufactured by the fisherman who wanted to create the perfect caddy for all of their fishing gear.

With its durable frame construction and its optimum axle placement for perfect load balancing, this premium fishing cart was built to last and is the last one you’ll ever need. Its rust-proof, tubular frame is built with lightweight, high-strength aluminum that can handle anything Mother Nature can throw it. Weighing only 24 pounds, this caddy will easily handle up to 200 pounds of cargo and with its 15″ pneumatic wheels (rims are made of durable hard plastic) you can roll through both smooth and rough terrain with ease.

This fishing caddy features 8 aluminum rod holders with vinyl tube covers to keep your rods upright and tangle-free. It also features a handy cutting board, a bait basket with a cup holder, and even a measurement decal for fish up to 24 inches.

The tee bar handle is removable and height-adjustable so you can customize it to your needs. It will allow you to transport and store everything you need for a great day of fishing. You can easily carry an 80-quart cooler, multiple tackle boxes and bait containers, reels, lures, lawn chairs and umbrella with room to spare.
Made of marine-grade aluminum
200 lb loading capacity
8-rod holders
Fully Adjustable T-Bar Handle

This is the reason we go fishing cart. There are two different I think competitors right now of them where the fishing me Anglers fishing made in China. And this is one made in the US version. I think the difference is being that this one. 

Comes with a wheel front wheel the competitor has just nothing just regular t-bar like in the back here. This is sort of an if you have too much weight on the back will have the ability to a bump stop basically comes with a bait um cutting board and a little tiny bucket there for your minnows.

Sauce for the knife some pretty beefy Wheels. I think a potential failure point and these are both present in the fish and meat in this model is that you just basically have your bracket can get we a better picture of that.

That’s a ports where you had. Can you have a  load-bearing  section of the cart which is just add some kind of thin aluminum.  I see a potential for that for breaking it and get a better start. Close up shot of that.  See these are bolts and is the weight of the cart pushes down. This tube this bar presses up. Against the aluminum frame if this was reinforced, I think that would help but I think these are some kind of nylon type Wheels.

I don’t know what kind of ball bearings it seemed to be. Andcan’t complain.  In the front, you have cotter pins to hold the handlebar relatively thin. And this cart supposedly weight carries up to 200 pounds in weight cotter pins prevent The Handlebar from popping out. And then also there’s a separate cotter pin for the included third wheel.

Now let’s take a look at the welding. I’m an I used to be a cyclist and you know, you can tell by the types of Worlds. I  mean, they’re okay but not high-quality welds didn’t from what it looks like but  I guess for 200 bucks. You can’t really complain but I would like to see smooth welds like in Cannondale the older.

If you remember the old style Cannondale bikes have the aluminum frames. They’re pretty smooth out or they’re sanded down. These have a little rough edge on the potential for cutting somebody if you put your hands here and move to real quick.

I  can feel some of the Burrs  so full sun was tipped over. And I think that’s pretty much it. But this was $199 at Amazon great Father’s Day present.



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