Muscle Cart HDBC-Blue Fish and Marine Cart Price: $299.00 (as of 15/12/2021 13:03 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Great for fishing on a beach, off a pier, or around a lake, pond, or river
Jumbo cart holds a cooler, bucket, chairs, rods, and more
Heavy, awkward loads up to 220 lbs are easily pushed or pulled over most terrains

5 Reasons why you should buy this fishing cart

I’m going to give you five reasons why you should buy this fishing cart for surf fishing at the beach.

the first reason why you want to buy this fishing cart is for the poly tires. We call them bubble tires. All they are our inflatable Rubber and they Glide across the sand. In North Carolina South Carolina and even over in Texas.

You have the harder sand but in Florida, have this light powder sand that if you were to use something like a wheelbarrow Tire it would dig into the sand and have a lot of resistance where these poly tires just Glide right over the sand to other options would be hard plastic tires.

Or inflatable tires like a wheelbarrow tire and those again are going to give you tons of resistance on this powdery white sand right?

Number two reasons to buy the surf fishing cart that comes with eight-rod holders and that’s important whether you’re serious about surf fishing or you just a weekend warrior you want places not only for your rods but for your sand flea rake and your other surf fishing tools. I highly recommend this cart because you want as many rod holders as possible.

All right reason number three this surf fishing cart, although light. The wait can haul over  200 pounds. That’s a lot of gear going back and forth on the beach. I don’t recommend hauling that much. But if you need to you can definitely haul a ton of weight, I highly recommend this surf fishing cart and cart the fish inmate senior. It’s fantastic for Holland all your stuff back and forth from the parking lot and with the weight capacity.

Not only can you haul all your equipment. You can also hold your kids out with you to the beach.

Reason number four this removable cutting board. And bait holder, it’s also a great accessory and tool holder. This is a nice little add-on that comes with the fishing cart. No added expense. You can actually get an additional holder for the opposite side that actually holds a five-gallon bucket in it.

So that’s another option as well. Another accessory for the surf fishing cart is the liner that can go in the bottom. I personally don’t have one yet. I want to get one because it helps the little stuff from falling through

And last but not least. This cart is made from aluminum, which means not only is it lightweight,  but it’s super durable. And corrosion-resistant if you have been fishing at all-around saltwater for any amount of time, you know that corrosion resistance is huge. Now. These carts will usually run you between 270  and 280 before tax. I searched Google and found on Amazon that it was selling it for  $168.53. and that’s a great deal for the surf fishing cart. This thing will last. Ask you if taking care of a lifetime go check that out. I’m going to leave an Amazon link if you just want to do it that way and get your free shipping through Prime.

Muscle Cart

This handy muscle fish and marine cart allow you to transport it all in one trip. Perfect for use as a Surf cart, Pier cart or beach cart.

Great for any fishermen who need help lugging his gear down to fish. Tires have a low-pressure design (2-4 psi) and are made of heavy-duty polyurethane making them perfect for soft sand.

Great for fishing on a beach, off a pier, or around a lake, pond, or river
Jumbo cart holds a cooler, bucket, chairs, rods, and more
Heavy, awkward loads up to 220 lbs are easily pushed or pulled over most terrains


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