Why Should You Choose A Wood Microwave Cart?

A real wood microwave cart can be pretty expensive. Despite this, they are very popular. One of the main reasons for this is because they look so good. There is just something really classy about having a beautiful wooden microwave cart in your home.

You need to be sure that you are buying a real wood microwave cart. There are wood carts available constructed from particleboard and these are inferior. Often they have a veneer covering which will start to come loose after a while and then peel off. These kinds of wood microwave carts are not very durable and pretty easily damaged.

Particleboard microwave carts will be cheaper than real wood. They can look quite nice from a distance but when you get up close it is quite easy to see that they are made from cheap components.

Some people are not really bothered about this which is fine but if you really want to be proud of your wood microwave cart then it is best to invest in the real thing.

Wood Microwave Cart with Storage

You do not just want your microwave cart to look good but it needs to be practical as well. Storage is an important feature of any cart so you should look for a wood microwave cart with storage.

There are trolley based wood microwave carts available that will have open shelving. You may prefer to go for a microwave cart with storage and drawers. A draw or set of drawers can be very useful to keep all of your microwave items safe and sound and hidden from view.

A lot of kitchens have too much clutter and drawers are always useful for hiding some of this away. There is some tall microwave cart with storage that has drawers and a cupboard or cabinet as well. Some have drawers and open shelving.

We recommend that you give a great deal of thought to the storage space that you want from your microwave cart. Drawers look nice but they can be deceptively small so make sure that you find out the size of the drawers so you know how much stuff they can hold.

If you plan to move your microwave cart around then drawers are better than open shelves.

You will also need to decide if you want a top surface wood microwave cart where your microwave oven will sit on top of the cart or a cubby wood microwave cart where your microwave fits in an enclosure.

If you want a cubby style cart then be sure to measure your microwave properly first as you do not want to find that it will not fit in the enclosure.

There are some microwave carts that come with cabinets. These can look very stylish and if you want one then it is best to search for a “wood microwave cabinet”. These are often quite large pieces of furniture so be sure to measure the space that you have available so that you know it will fit.

Wood Microwave Cart Styles

These days’ rustic style kitchens are pretty popular. You could get either a white or black wood microwave cart that will look OK in a rustic style kitchen but why not go for a rustic microwave cart instead?

Most real wood microwave carts are available in natural wood colors but it is possible to get them in white or black (and possibly other colors too). We think that this defeats the object of going for a real wood microwave cart so our advice is to go with the natural wood style.

Do Your Homework before you Buy

Please be aware that wood microwave carts are available in a variety of sizes. You need to measure the size of your microwave and the space that you want the cart to occupy. Usually, you will be able to obtain the exact dimensions of your wood microwave cart so that you can make the right choice.

Most wood microwave carts will require assembly. When delivered to your home they will be flat packed and if you have chosen real wood then the whole thing is likely to be pretty heavy.

It should not take a person with average DIY skills to put together a wood microwave cart. Follow the instructions and all you should need is a screwdriver and maybe one or two other basic tools.

Prices for Wood Microwave Carts

It should be possible to find real wood microwave carts starting at around $60 and going upwards. A top of the line wood microwave cart can cost you hundreds of dollars. Consider it as an investment in your home.

Please check out these fine wood microwave carts.

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