2 Black Microwave Cart Ideas

A black microwave cart ideas is a popular choice with many people

A black microwave cart is a popular choice with many people as it blends in well with almost all decors. Black is a neutral color which means that you will be able to place your microwave cart in your kitchen or any other room and it will blend in well with the color scheme that you already have.

A black microwave cart can be a great idea for saving you space in your kitchen. A lot of people have cluttered kitchens and find it difficult to find stuff and prepare meals because they don’t have space. A microwave oven is usually pretty large and can take up a large area of the kitchen top.

You do not want to be without your microwave cart with a power strip as it is a very convenient piece of equipment to have. It gets used a lot to defrost things and heat up meals. The whole family uses the microwave oven so you want to place it in a safe and convenient place. So it is time to start looking for a black microwave cart.

Black Microwave Carts with Storage

One of the best things about buying a black microwave cart is that there are a lot of different models available. You need to give a lot of thought to what you want your microwave cart to do before you start looking for one.

One of the most popular functions of a cart is to have additional storage. You will certainly be able to find a black microwave cart with storage and also black microwave carts with storage and drawers.

If the cart just has “storage” then this is likely to be open shelves. This is fine for storing those important items that you use with your microwave oven such as microwavable pots and mitts for dealing with hot items after they have been in the microwave.

Where open shelves fall down is if you intend to move your black microwave cart around a lot. If you keep all of your stuff stored on the shelves while you are moving the cart then you will have to move it very gently to ensure that nothing falls off.

In this case, you may want to consider black microwave carts with storage and drawers. With your items in drawers, it is less likely that they will move around when you are moving the cart around.

You have to make sure that drawers do not open and everything spill out that way of course. Some microwave carts have lockable drawers.

If you need a lot of storage space then this does not mean that you will have to pay more money. You can find a black microwave cart with storage for a very low price if you are happy with the open style metal cart. These all tend to be “top surface” style which means that your microwave sits on the top shelf of the cart.

Black Microwave Carts with Power Strips

An extra power strip in the kitchen can be very handy. A lot of people will use their black microwave carts to house other appliances such as toasters and rice cookers so having a power strip is great because you don’t have any trailing electrical cords which can be dangerous to people and pets.

If you like the idea of this then you need to look for a black microwave cart with a power strip. There are quite a few of these around so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find one that you like. You can also search for a black microwave cart with the outlet as an alternative because this often means the same thing.

A black microwave cart with a power strip is probably going to be a little more expensive than a standard black microwave cart that does not have this facility. If you know that you will want to use your microwave cart for other appliances then this is certainly worth the extra cost.

Different Styles at Different Prices

There are many different styles of black microwave cart on the market. You can get a top surface cart where the microwave just sits on the top shelf or a “cubby” style where you will enclose your microwave.

There are also black microwave carts that are made of wood and some that have doors. The more facilities and fancier the design normally means a higher price. You are only likely to purchase one black microwave cart so it is worth the additional investment to get something that you are happy with.

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