Quality KITCHEN CARTS is necessary for modern people

Your Comprehensive Kitchen Cart Guide

If you want to buy a kitchen cart for your home and you want to know all about them then you have come to the right place. We will explain what a rolling kitchen cart is as well as what it is not. You will then learn about the different types of kitchen carts on wheels and the benefits of owning one.

We will even provide you with some interesting uses for a kitchen cart. You will not have thought of a lot of these for sure! There is a section on prices for kitchen carts as well as the different materials available. We want you to have all of the information that you need to ensure that you end up with the best kitchen storage cart for your needs.

What is a Kitchen Cart?

It is a mobile storage unit. If it hasn’t got wheels then it isn’t a cart. A lot of people think that a kitchen cart is the same thing as a kitchen island. Most kitchen islands do not have wheels. It is possible to get a kitchen island on wheels though and we will discuss this in more detail later on in this article.

The whole point of a kitchen utility cart is to save you space in your kitchen. You can store a number of things in your cart that you use regularly and wheel these around to different areas.

If you want the flexibility of movement then get wheels. Even if you leave the cart in one place most of the time, you can always move it around easily if the need arises.

Even a small kitchen card can make a significant difference in your kitchen. It is a convenient item for keeping your kitchen utensils organized and it has many other uses too. For a few dollars, you can create that valuable space that you need to move around. It is a very good investment.

Things to consider when choosing a Kitchen Cart

You need to understand that there are many different types of carts available for your kitchen. Because of this, you need to take a number of things into consideration so that you can narrow down your search. You do not want to end up buying the wrong kitchen cart and then have to return it (if you can).

The Price

This is a good place to start. Let’s be honest here. There are some pretty basic kitchen carts around that will do the job well for a small investment. The problem is that these carts do not look that great. Some of them look pretty cheap.

If you have a pristine kitchen with great looking units and other furniture then you do not want to spoil the décor with a cheap-looking cart. You will need to be prepared to pay more for a classy looking cart. As a rough guide, the cheapest kitchen carts start at around $30 and you can pay hundreds of dollars for the most expensive ones.

What Surface do you want?

Your budget will determine this to an extent. An open stainless steel painted frame is going to cost a lot less than a cart that has a classy wood finish. A wood kitchen cart is going to look so much nicer than a stainless steel cart coated in plastic.

There are combination carts available that have a mixture of stainless steel and wood. Usually, the top surface is wooden with steel shelving below. These can be a good compromise and will not put too much of a dent in your budget. You can even get a granite top kitchen cart.

Storage Facilities

A kitchen cart with shelves is the norm and you have a lot of choices here. You can go for a cart that has open shelving or closed shelving. A lot of people prefer a kitchen cart with drawers so that they can hide a lot of kitchen items away so the cart does not have a cluttered look.

If you want a cupboard (or two) on your kitchen cart then you can have that. Again you can make things look all neat and tidy when your stuff is behind a door. Maybe you want a towel rack or even a spice rack? What about shelves that pull out towards you?


If you intend to move your kitchen cart around a lot then pay close attention to the wheels. Do they look sturdy enough to move around a fully laden cart or will you have to remove everything first?

Some kitchen carts have wheels that lock and others don’t. If you can’t lock the wheels then your cart may have a tendency to move easily when you are using it. Lockable wheels are a good safety feature and we would recommend that you go for a cart that has them.

What Size Cart?

There are many different sizes of kitchen carts available. You need to do your homework here to ensure that the cart you purchase will fit into the space you have in mind for it. Also, you need to think about what you will store on your cart.

Measure the space in your kitchen where you want to situate your cart. You need to measure the available width and depth. If you want to shop online for your kitchen cart then you will usually find the dimensions on the product page. In a store, it is best to take a tape measure with you.

Color and Shape of your Cart

What color do you want your cart to be? A white kitchen cart or black kitchen carts are popular choices as they are neutral colors that work well with most decors. Some stainless steel carts have a natural finish that may go with your kitchen or may not.

A natural wood finish will obviously have a natural wood color. There are light wood and dark wood carts available. As for the shape of your cart, you will normally have the choice of rectangular (most common) and square. It is unusual to find kitchen carts in other shapes.

The Different Types of Kitchen Cart

The number of different kitchen carts available can be overwhelming. So we will make it simple for you here. You really need to think about what you want your cart to do. For example, do you want a solid top to your cart? A lot of people go for this because they can put their microwave on the cart. This is a rolling microwave cart.

Open Shelve Carts

You can find a large number of kitchen carts that have open shelving. If you are not worried about hiding stuff then these might be right for you. A lot of them are finished in stainless steel and some have fixed shelves while others have pulled out shelves.

A lot of people choose an open shelve cart to store vegetables. If you are going to do this then check on the maximum amount of weight that the cart can hold. Potatoes, carrots, cabbages and so on can be pretty heavy and you do not want your cart to collapse under the strain.

Kitchen Cart with Drawers

You may want to go for a cart that has drawers so that you can keep everything clutter-free. There are carts with closed drawers and others with open drawers. The advantage of an open draw cart is that you can see what items are in the drawer making them easier and faster to access.

A closed drawer cart will usually look a lot better. The drawers are usually wooden and will have a specific capacity. You should be able to find out the capacity of the drawers fairly easily. This is important as you will be able to store more items in a larger capacity drawer.

Portable Kitchen Island

A kitchen island cart is like kitchen cabinets on wheels. Usually, a rolling kitchen island will have a tabletop surface, drawers, and cupboards similar to a fixed kitchen island. They have a wood finish and some of them will have a granite surface.

You will be going for style with a movable kitchen island. It is not something that you will just chuck your kitchen gear into. You can use a mobile kitchen island as a dinner table for two. Some portable islands will have towel rails and spice racks. Go for lockable wheels so the cart can sit in the middle of your kitchen and you can move it easily if you need to.

Butcher Block Cart

As the name suggests this type of cart has a thick surface that you can use to chop meat and vegetables. A butcher block kitchen cart is usually made of wood and there are some very nice styles available. Most will have shelves for additional storage which can also be wood or metal. Be sure that you can lock the wheels on this type of cart for safety.

Kitchen Cart Table

Most people will not even consider a kitchen cart that serves as a table. They probably don’t even know that they exist. This type of cart is a great idea if your kitchen is really small and you want to dine there. You can get a portable kitchen island with seating as well. If you live alone or with a partner then this may be ideal for you.

Partially Open and Closed Kitchen Cart

Here you will have cupboards or drawers separated by open shelving. The advantage here is that items placed on the open shelves are very easy to access. This can be handy for dishes, cups and kitchen utensils that you use often.

Portable Kitchen Island with Wine Rack

If you are a wine fanatic how about a kitchen cart that has a built-in wine rack? This can be great for dinner parties, as you can wheel the cart to the dining table and then show off your selection of wines. Some of these carts provide storage for your wine glasses as well.

Kitchen Microwave Cart

This is a popular choice for a lot of people. A microwave oven can take up a lot of counter space so why not store it on a cart? You can go for a kitchen microwave stand that has cupboards and drawers underneath or there are carts with open shelving if you prefer this.

Corner Kitchen Cart

These are kitchen carts that will fit into a corner of your kitchen. The design of a corner cart means that the shelves are in the right position in front of you when placed in a corner. There are a few examples of corner kitchen carts around and a lot of them are metal construction with a plastic coating. Good for storing vegetables.

The Benefits of Owning a Kitchen Cart

Here are the major benefits of owning a kitchen cart:

More Storage Space

You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen. Some kitchen carts can store a lot of items that you can hide away in drawers or cupboards. A lot of carts will have special holders for utensils and some will have spice racks, wine racks and places to store mugs and dishes.

Additional Counter Space

In modern kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, rice cookers, sous vide cookers and so on can take up a lot of counter space. Your cart can act as a portable kitchen counter which you can use for meal preparation. Alternatively, you can store appliances on specially designed carts such as a kitchen microwave cart to free up your main counter space.


Being able to move your kitchen cart around easily is a major benefit. It means that you can wheel your cart around indoors or outdoors and it can provide a number of useful services. If you intend to leave your cart in a static position most of the time then mobility is still useful as you can easily move the cart to clean etc.

Uses for your Kitchen Cart

If you are still thinking about what you will use a kitchen cart for we have some great ideas for you here. Once you have settled on a particular idea it will help you to decide which type of cart you should go for.

Store your most Commonly Used tools

Most people have kitchen tools that they use a lot more than others. So why not use your cart as a storage facility for these tools? You could store common utensils such as knives, wooden or silicone spoons and tongs for example. What about mixing bowls and measuring cups? Make your cart the go-to place for everything that you use most often in the kitchen.

Vegetable Storage

We have already mentioned this a couple of times so once more will not hurt. You can use your cart to store potatoes, carrots, green vegetables, onions, garlic and so on. An open storage cart is a handy place for all of your vegetables.

A great place to Pack Lunches

What if you had all of the things that you need to create lunches in a single place? You can store drinks containers and lunch boxes here as well as the tools that you need to create sandwiches and so on.

What about Pots and Pans?

It can be very easy to run out of kitchen cabinet space with all of the pots and pans that you have. So how about using your kitchen cart to store those pots and pans that you use most often to free up much-needed cabinet space?

Store your Recipe Books

If you are an adventurous cook and like creating new dishes then you will probably have a number of recipe books that are taking up valuable counter or cabinet space. Just get a kitchen cart where you can easily store and access your beloved cookbooks.

How about a Bar Cart?

OK so not everyone is going to use kitchen space to store their bottles of drink but it is still a good idea to use a kitchen cart as a portable bar. Imagine having guests for dinner and then wheeling in the cart so that they can participate in their favorite after-dinner tipple!

A Cleaning Materials Station

A lot of people will store their cleaning materials in a kitchen cabinet. Well, get those materials out of your cabinet and into a kitchen cart. Not only can you push your cart around the kitchen with everything you need for a good clean but you can use it in other rooms too.

Jar Storage

Do you have a kitchen cabinet that is full of jars? Most people do. So why not move all of those jars out of the cabinet and into a kitchen cart? Anything that does not require refrigeration can be stored on your cart, and you will know where all of your jars are instead of having them spread across several different cabinets.


Our intention with this post was to provide you with all of the important information that you need about kitchen carts. We have told you what you need to consider before choosing a cart, the different types of kitchen carts available, how you can use a kitchen cart and the overall benefits.

We sincerely hope that you can see the benefits of owning a kitchen cart. With so many different carts available you will certainly be able to find one that matches your existing kitchen décor and does everything that you need.

Take a look at these kitchen carts to get some ideas.

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