Kayak Carts – Before buying your own kayak cart

Best Kayak Carts

Kayak carts are a must-have device for any kayak fishing enthusiast; no matter if you want to haul the kayak for several meters before reaching the water, or want to portage the kayak through a woody terrain before reaching your fishing point, a kayak cart can always come handy.

Before buying your own kayak cart

you need to check out the features and compare the prices of the best kayak carts available in the market. You can also consider going for homemade kayak carts since kayak carts DIY are rising in popularity.

You can always find loads of articles on the internet where you can learn everything about making a kayak cart DIY on your own.

Kinds of Kayak carts:

Hobie Kayak Carts

Are made out of a strong stainless steel body and they are really handy for transportation of the kayak to the water. The Hobie designed to plug in kayak carts would attach directly to the base of any Hobie kayak with the help of scuppers.

These carts are very easy to install and you can easily do it alone with a little help from the manual. While buying the Hobie kayak carts you need to remember that many of them come with small scupper holes; this is why you need to make sure that your selected cart nicely fits in with your kayak.

The strapped kayak carts are the ones where the kayak is strapped on top of the roof rack of the cart. However, with years these straps tend to wear out and you will need extra straps for gripping your kayak firmly.

This style of kayak carts

come in many different versions. While some brands offer frame built straps, others come with separate straps that have to be tied to the kayak. One major advantage of the strapped cart style is that it would allow you to place the kayak anywhere over the cart

End cart style ones are the carts that are attached to the rear side of your kayak. You need not strap these carts to the kayaks. One drawback of this kind of kayak carts is that they are not suitable for wider kayaks.

Kinds of kayak cartwheels

Carts with pneumatic tires are also a very popular option since the air-filled tires allow you to glide it smoothly over any kind of terrain. Moreover, the air pressure system of these tires can be regulated for use on different surfaces.

Kayak carts with foam-filled tires

can be very useful since they would allow you to maneuver it on many different terrains. Moreover, foam-filled tires eliminate the risk of a flat, unlike the pneumatic ones.

One disadvantage of this kind of kayak cart is that it doesn’t allow the user to regulate the air pressure of the tires.

If you are looking forward to driving your kayak over an extremely sandy surface then you need to choose a kayak cart with balloon tires.

However, one major disadvantage of these tires is that they run a high risk of going flat while being driven on rough surfaces.