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Hi there Gardner! You might be here to find out why you should have a garden hose carts or reel with you right? Well, you are in luck as we have figure out not only about our main title but have also done comprehensive research on some of the best garden hose reel and what factors you must consider before buying them.

Everything is loaded in the article but before that here is a small story that Ben has to share.

“I am a business teacher and have been teaching my pupils about why you should be organizing your different aspects of life. But, ironically I was the one who needed a better organization. It is embarrassing but my garden hose was always entangled. Till I got to know about a solution, which is garden hose reel. Once I ordered and used it, I found some exceptional advantages of the tool, here is what benefits garden hose reel provided me”:


1: Organization – Looks like garden hose reel is made for simplifying the life of users by keeping the surroundings organized and tidy. You don’t have to worry about entangled hose lying on the ground.

2: Safety – Hose spread out in the garden can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have children at home. But with garden hose reel you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

3: Prevent Leaks from the hose – Saving water will become easier once you use a garden hose reel in your house/garden.”

Now, you might think that you need specific mechanical knowledge to use the garden hose cart, but the reality is presented below. Read the steps and find out yourself how easy it is to assemble and use the garden hose cart.

How do you assemble a hose reel cart?

Here below is the demonstration of how you can easily assemble the parts of garden hose reel carts.

Every hose reel comes with a very detailed step by the step instruction manual, you don’t have to get intimidated by the number of pages or even the number of steps because the assembly process of garden hose reel carts is very easy.

Moreover, you don’t have to be mechanically inclined! It is just a piece of cake, that being said let us start the assembly process.

NOTE: This is a portable hose reel cart.

Step #1

First, you just spread all garden hose reel cart parts on a flat table for more convenience and accessibility.

Step #2

Now, start from take the two big flange pieces. Put them together.

Step #3

Take the flange and turn it upside down so that the wider part of the flange is down facing the table. Now, set the other piece right over the hole.

Step #4

You will have a screw-on a small plastic covered box which you will have to use to bind the flange pieces together.

Step #5

When you are tightening the screws, make sure that first, you put all the screws in place and then tighten it together. It will make the process better.

Step #6

The next step is to install the crank handle. Take off the little screw from the end of the crank handle first.

Step #7

Now, put the left part on the flange piece and tighten the screw from below. You can do the part using your hand but, at last use wrench to tighten up the screw properly.

Step #8

You can keep this module aside for now as you will have to focus on the other section.

Step #9

Your next move is to remove the screws from the tire spindle.

Step #10

Now, the screw-less tire spindle goes through the concave side of the tire into the big hole of one of the legs. (Doesn’t matter what leg you use from garden hose reel cart parts)

Step #11

Once the spindle is through, tighten it up using the screw that you removed before.

Step #12

Do the same thing with the other tire and leg.

Step #13

It is important for you to check that the wedge is horizontal where the spindle, tire, and leg meets.

Step #14

From each leg, you have to now remove the screws that are tied at the end of the leg.

Step #15

Now, take the front bumper of garden hose reel carts and slide it into each leg.

Step #16

Take the screws that you removed in #14 and put it through the hole again. Attach the nuts and tighten it firmly.

Step #17

The next step is to attach the Frame Y to the tire and bumper frame.

Step #18

Take off the clamps from Frame Y.

Step #19

Now, Frame Y is ready to be attached in the bumper frame. Attach the Frame Y where the axle is facing straight not up and back.

Step #20

Take the clamp that you just removed and put it – as the tapered end going up and tighten up the screws of both the sides of Frame Y.

Step #21

The next step is to put the handles on. Make sure they are facing outwards.

Step #22

Feed the clamp through one handle – put it through the frame – put the other handle – place the nut at the end and tighten it up.

Step #23

Garden hose reel cart is almost ready, all you have to do is now feed the inlet hose through the back of the axle. Slide the reel assembly under the axle (that you attached initially)

Step #24

Attach the hose strap assembly at the end of the axle followed by cam lever brake assembly.

Step #25

Attach the gooseneck swivel assembly and attach it to the flange. Make sure to tighten it properly because this is where most of the leak occurs. Lastly, tighten the locknut onto the axle and you are done!

After following these steps to assemble the garden hose reel carts, you are ready to put the hose. If done correctly it should not take more than 20 minutes.

Here is an important note for you

One of the most important parts of the whole garden hose reel carts is gooseneck swivel. Why? Because this is the part that wears out first in comparison to other parts.

These swivels are under pressure and are in use all the time. Like whenever you are rolling and unrolling the hose you are putting some stress on the swivel. So, gooseneck swivel is the part that will demand more service.

There are many offline and online stores for garden hose reel cart replacement parts with a very cheap price. Make sure you replace such parts frequently for best use.

Now let us see:

How do you put a hose on a hose reel?

The process is very simple, firstly you have to follow the assembly of a hose reel cart and then once you have inlet the assembly through – from inside of the reel to the outside of the reel, you will see the gooseneck swivel assembly having an attachment. This particular attachment is for connecting the hose. All you have to do is connect the hose with the swivel and wind all the hose on the wheel using the handle.

Another big question that may come into your mind is how you can properly attach the garden hose together i.e. – the whole garden hose reel assembly – tap – and garden sprinkler. The answer lies below.

How do you connect a garden hose?

First, you need to do is make sure you’re the end of your hose is nice and flat and does not have any bits sticking out. The attachment that you will use at the end of the hose grips the hose tight and will keep it away from any leakage.

The attachments for taps are almost of the same size, you just have to attach it tightly to avoid the leakage from there too.

Best Garden Hose Reel

One of the biggest frustrations, when you are working around the house or in the garden, is having to stop in the middle of the work and to assemble the entangled hose. Whether you are washing your car or showering some water in the garden, one of these garden hose reel can help you and make your work easier.

#1. Goodyear Water Reel Polymer Hybrid Hose

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Excellent for storage
• Very Lightweight
• Portable
• Inch hose is certified by ISO, OSHA, and ROHS
• Non-locking feature
• Polypropylene casing
• Safe latch
• No leakage guarantee
• Smooth mounting
• Auto guide rewinding

#2. The Ames Companies, Inc Hose Ames Wagon

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Capacity holding 400-450 sq ft
• Very Reliable
• Long-lasting materials
• Easy installation
• No air leakage
• Base is heavy-duty
• Pre-assembled
• Portable in nature
• Smart wheels

#3. Suncast Garden Rechargeable Operation Hose Reel

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Battery backup 12 volt
• Exclusive in design
• The extra rechargeable battery accompanied
• Regular hose fitting 100 sq. ft.
• Complete assembled
• No winding or bending problems
• Motor system unique
• Storage facility

#4. Coxreels Crank Steel USA Based Reel Hose

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Rapid installation
• Simple to use
• Solid brass
• Locking pin present
• Lubricated swivels
• Very easy maintenance
• No wrapping of hose reels
• Mounting pattern is good

#5. MrLifeHack Garden Expandable Solid Brass Hose

Special Features of the hose reel –

• High-quality materials used
• Long-lasting
• Brass rubber blended
• Flexible design
• 8 pattern nozzle
• Lifetime durability
• Very light in weight

#6. RL Flo-Master Hose Retractable Reel

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Spring coils available
• Bracket align smooth
• Very unique brown color
• Removable brackets
• Retractable
• 8 pattern nozzle design
• Hose storage space
• Covers large area of lawns and garden
• Rotation of swivel at a 180-degree angle

#7. Suncast Garden Wicker Portable Free Hands Hose Reel

Special Features of the hose reel –

• No hand use rewind
• Automated reel
• The capacity of holding 125 ft
• Safe to use

#8. The Ames Companies Inc. Decorative Hose Metal Foot Capacity

Special Features of the hose reel –

• 150 ft. of hose holding capacity
• Sleek design
• Leak-free
• Strong and durable
• Very easy to use
• Aluminum built
• Comes with a 2-year warranty

#9. Rolio Expandable Hose Garden Spray Reel

Special Features of the hose reel –

• Very powerful
• Problem-free
• 9 Type nozzle high end
• Safe to use
• Valves found
• Comfortable for every user
• Water pressure can be set
• Adjusting reel
• Light in weight
• Flexible in nature

#10. Liberty Garden Products Aluminum Wall Hose Reel Mount

Special Features of the hose reel –

• None rusting quality
• Aluminum built
• Garden hose capacity of 125 ft.
• Brass content
• Fully assembled already
• Smooth and sleek
• Handles attached
• Easy installation process
• Friendly and affordable

There you go, 10 best garden hose you can find easily in online stores. But before you go and start browsing the stores and look for the garden hose reel, you will need to consider some factors. So in an attempt to further help you in getting one of the best garden hose reels, here are:

Some factors you should keep in mind before buying a garden hose reel

As mentioned above the various competing garden hose reel brands, it is quite clear that having such great and unique features, house owners who are using traditional hose must get really attracted and end up buying one of the best garden hose reel.

However, the best is not always the best, and this is because some consumers do not look for the basic factors before buying and regret later on. So, to help you not get into this category of buyers here are some factors to keep in mind.

• Ease Of Use
• Safety Of Child
• Hose Stopper
• Durability
• Quality
• Option Of Retract
• Ease Of Assembly
• Maneuverability
• Portability
• Couplings
• The Length And Width Of The Hose
• Inclusion of Hose or Not?
• Air Hose Reel
• Decorative Hose Reel
• Retractable or Automatic Hose Reel
• Spring Loaded Hose Reel
• Heavy Duty Hose Reel
• Portable or Multi Hose Reel
• Hose Reel Carts
• Hideaway Hose Reel
• Stationary Hose Reel
• Hose Reel Type

Final Words

There you have it everything from why you should have a garden hose cart, assembling the garden hose reel carts, best garden hose reel to factors to consider before buying is all covered in the article.

Make sure to check the best-listed garden hose reel as they have been positively reviewed by users and are also included in the list of best garden hose reel of 2020. Hope you found the article helpful and comprehensive. Good Luck!