Why buy beach carts?

Beach Carts

Investing in quality beach carts can be a really good idea since it will surely make your trip to the beach much more organized and comfortable. While vacationing on the beach the presence of a beach cart is sure to keep all your snacks and supplies in one organized spot.

A trip to the beach is surely one of the nicest things in life but all the stuff we would like to take along with us can indeed be hard to carry.

Best Beach Carts

The best beach carts with suitable wheels for all-terrain can be really handy for any beach-loving person. A sturdy beach cart can easily hold all your necessary beach gear and you can easily haul it to the beach whenever you feel like.

If you are looking for easy mobility then make sure to get yourself one of those big wheel beach carts which can be easily maneuvered on the sand.

There are some beach carts that even come with space for holding the coolers and some of the utility beach carts even come with folding tables and drink holders.

Things to look out for before buying your beach cart

    • While buying a beach cart you can choose from loads of utilitarian designs. The collapsible beach carts can be folded to 8 inches and can be easily stored in a corner of your home. If you are lacking in space then go for a foldable beach cart.
    • Make sure that your beach cart comes with a solid frame. If you are up for some heavy-duty use then the cart needs to be sturdy enough to hold at least 100 lbs. The best beach cart would open within seconds and come with telescopic handles.
    • No matter which cart design you want to go for making sure that there is plenty of room in it for storing all the items which you need for a day out at the beach. A sturdy beach cart with big wheels can even store your pop up tent, umbrella and folding chair.
    • Ideally, the tires of your beach cart need to be big air-filled ones for easy movement on the sand. The soft yet sturdy pneumatic tires would allow the cart to glide easily over all sorts of sand no matter how heavy the load is.
    • Ensure that the cart you want to buy comes with a spacious main compartment so that you can store all the bigger items. A rear storage compartment can also be very helpful since it would allow you to store your sunscreen, books, sunglasses, etc.
    • Make sure that the cart you are buying can be folded neatly to fit in the trunk of your car. Otherwise transporting it to and from the beach can be a real issue.

Beach carts brands

You can find many different brands of beach carts in the online stores and before being one you need to make a comparative analysis and buy one which best fits your needs and budget. Some of the best brands of beach carts include Wonder Wheeler, Genji Sports, Wheeleez, Tommy Bahama, Rio, etc.


Best Beach Carts Price Comparison and Review


1. Good cart to use for family trips to the beach.

2. Makes taking the family stuff to the beach a one-person job.

3. It carries a lot of stuff

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart